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Forget The Transcript, I Wanna Hear The Recording Of The Call

On Monday, President Donald Trump said that “there’s no need” for Congress to call witnesses to testify, and suggested that all they have to do is “read the transcript” of his phone call with Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky. However, just like in the Mueller report, the altered transcript does not exonerate the President.

The White House has acknowledged that the transcript it released days ago is not a verbatim record of the call. In three separate places – all of them when Trump is speaking – ellipses are used to indicate some words may be missing.

But even the redacted version, which records Trump asking a foreign leader to investigate one of his own political rivals, has been enough to spark a political firestorm, prompting Democratic lawmakers to launch an impeachment inquiry into the U.S. President over his conduct on the call.

Trump has insisted that he did nothing wrong. If that’s the case, the best way to prove his innocence is to release the tape o the conversation.

If an audio file of the conversation exists, we are asking Congress to demand the release of the recording of the call and let the American people judge for ourselves.

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