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Former CIA Director Just Sent Out A Terrifying Warning Concerning Trump’s Muslim Ban


Former CIA Director Just Sent Out A Terrifying Warning Concerning Trump’s Muslim Ban

Former CIA directors and retired four-star General David Petraeus has grown highly concerned about America’s current international order. He has warned Congress that the U.S. should not be taking it for granted.

“Americans should not take the current international order for granted,” Petraeus said. “It did not will itself into existence. We created it. Likewise, it is not naturally self-sustaining. We have sustained it. If we stop doing so, it will fray and, eventually, collapse.”

Petraeus made a testimony to the House committee that the new administration’s isolationism and protectionism is not working. Trump wanting to keep everyone away from America will weaken the country and will put the US in danger.

“To keep the peace, we led an effort to establish a system of global alliances and security commitments underwritten by US military power and the deployment of our forces to bases in Europe and Asia,” Petraeus said.

“To create a foundation for prosperity, we put in place an open, free, and rules-based economic order intended to safeguard against the spiral of protectionism that produced the impoverishment and radicalization of the 1930s. And to protect freedom here at home, we adopted a foreign policy that sought to protect and, where possible, promote freedom abroad along with human rights and rule of law.”


Trump described last month that NATO is “obsolete”. Petraeus also gave warning about the collapse of the NATO alliance and the European Union, how it could all play out into Vladimir Putin’s hand.

“President Putin, for instance, understands that, while conventional aggression may occasionally enable Russia to grab a bit of land on its periphery, the real center of gravity is the political will of major democratic powers to defend Euro-Atlantic institutions like NATO and the EU,” he said. “That is why Russia is tenaciously working to sow doubt about the legitimacy of these institutions and our entire democratic way of life.”

Petraeus went on to talk about Trump’s recent executive order which banned seven Muslim-majority nations(Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen) from entering the US. He agrees with terrorism experts who have argued that the ban will feed into the narratives of terrorist groups that claim the US is against Islam while doing little to prevent terrorist attacks inside the country.

“Islamic extremists want to portray this fight as a clash of civilizations, with America at war against Islam,” he said. “We must not let them do that; indeed, we must be very sensitive to actions that might give them ammunition to use in such an effort.”

“The most important ally in this war is the overwhelming majority of Muslims who reject Al Qaeda, Daesh [ISIS] and their fanatical, barbaric worldview,” he said. “Indeed, it is millions of Muslims who are fighting and dying in the greatest numbers on the frontlines of this war.”

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