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Dr. Howard Dean Just Diagnosed Trump: ‘He Has A Serious Psychological Problem’


Dr. Howard Dean Just Diagnosed Trump: ‘He Has A Serious Psychological Problem’

Former DNC Chairman Dr. Howard Dean sided with psychiatrists and agreed that Donald Trump has a “serious psychological disorder.” Dean pointed out that Trump appears at times to be in the throes of “psychosis.”

Dean made an appearance on MNSNBC on Saturday with host David Gura who asked:

“What are you observing here from afar? You’re not the clinician here responsible for the care of President Trump. But what are you seeing — how do you process what you’re seeing and hearing, yes in this book and in interviews and from Trump himself?”

“You can’t make a diagnosis, but you can say a number of things. First of all, his judgment is clearly impaired.” Dean explained. “In order to make that judgment, you simply have to know a lot about how leadership works, about how the office works, how CEO’s make decisions. I do know something about that.”

“This guy is not capable of acting and rationalizing on pieces of information that he has been given in a sensible way,” he continued. “Secondly, he clearly has some sort of a personality disorder. He says, every day, things that are not true and that has been documented by both people both in the reporting world and elsewhere. He says the opposite of the truth, not the truth at all.”

“So there is clearly a disorder,” Dean insisted. “The question is what is the disorder? And I think that he sometimes is not really living in the real world and that that would be a form of psychosis. But it’s not clear that he lies because he doesn’t really know the truth between a lie and the truth — which is psychosis.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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