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Former ‘Fox & Friends’ Co-host Flees The Country Amid Fraud Allegations: Report

Former “Fox & Friends” co-host Clayton Morris fled the U.S. while facing multiple lawsuits over real estate deals, several news outlets reported Monday.

Morris, who previously resided in a $1.4 million home in New Jersey, fled to Portugal, according a Facebook post from his wife Natali Morris. She told The Indianapolis Star in an email that she and her husband plan to continue fighting the lawsuits from abroad.

Clayton Morris left Fox News in 2017 to become a real estate promoter with Bert Whalen of Indianapolis.

The two men are alleged to have misled at least 35 buyers and renters on the conditions of distressed properties. Morris used web-based seminars and YouTube videos to lure potential investors.

Natali Morris told the outlet that she and her husband are not responsible for losses, instead blaming Whalen and his business, Oceanpointe.

“We have and continued to take responsibility for all of our legal challenges that came from our relationship with Oceanpointe. We have answered all of our attorney general requests in all states. We have answered all lawsuits,” she said.

“We have not run from anything,” she added. “We continue to show up for this until the last lawsuit is dismissed and it is clear that we neither had the money from Oceanpointe investors nor did we defraud anyone.”

Some involved with the lawsuits against Clayton Morris have expressed concerns about the move to Portugal.

“In my clients’ opinion, innocent people don’t flee the country,” Jynell Berkshire, an Indianapolis real estate attorney who is representing several investors, told the Indianapolis Star.

Morris was co-host of “Fox & Friends Weekend” from 2008 to 2017.

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