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Former Secretary Of Defense Blasts Trump: He’s An ‘Embarrassment’ And A ‘Great Danger’ To The World

Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said on Sunday that Donald Trump is an “embarrassment” who has put the world in “great danger.”

“Donald Trump is a doing great damage to our country internationally,” Hagel said, speaking to the Lincoln Journal Star in Nebraska, his home state. “He’s an embarrassment.”

Hagel, who formerly served as a Republican Senator, said that his GOP colleagues will soon face a moment of reckoning as the Russia investigation continues to unfold.

Hagel went on to say that the world has entered “a defining year, a year of volatility and uncertainty and great danger.” He then added, “We have not really seen these kinds of times since Watergate and Vietnam.”

Hagel also criticized Trump for the way he has handled North Korea. He said Twitter rants is not the way to handle things. Instead, he suggested opening dialogue with North Korea. “We have to sit down and try to work our way through this. And I don’t think you can expect any kind of engagement by demanding preconditions,” Hagel said.

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