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WATCH: Fox Guest Breaks Into Tears: ‘Anyone Who Defends Trump Is Morally Bankrupt’


WATCH: Fox Guest Breaks Into Tears: ‘Anyone Who Defends Trump Is Morally Bankrupt’

During Wednesday morning’s edition of “Fox & Friends,” Republican political analyst Gianno Caldwell and Democratic strategist Wendy Osefo got emotional over President Donald Trump’s refusal to disavow Nazis and white supremacists.

The guests were asked by anchor Abby Huntsman how they feel as Americans of color in the wake of Trump’s unhinged press conference on Tuesday in which he said there are “good people” on both sides of the Nazism debate.

The death of Heather Heyer and the brutal beating of Deandre Harris, 20, Osefo said, are not talking points.

“This is about hatred,” she said. “This is about white supremacy.”A Republican analyst wiped tears from his eyes as he said President Trump “betrayed” the country, speaking Wednesday morning on “Fox & Friends,” a show known to be among Trump’s favorites.

Gianno Caldwell said he could not sleep because of Trump’s comments at a press conference Tuesday, when Trump reaffirmed that he believes that “both sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend, again refusing to put all the blame on the white supremacists at the rally.

“Our president has literally betrayed the conscience of our country,” he said. “He has failed us.”

Caldwell said it is “very troubling” for anyone to come on TV and defend the president’s actions, and said that anyone who does defend his actions is “morally bankrupt.”

He responded to Trump’s comment that there are “good people” who were marching on “both sides” of the Charlottesville rally, including the neo-Nazis.

“Mr. President, good people don’t pal around with Nazis and white supremacists,” he said. “Maybe they don’t consider themselves white supremacists and Nazis, certainly they hold those views.”

“I hope the president learns a lesson from his press conference on yesterday. It’s disturbing,” he said.

Host Abby Huntsman tried to steer the conversation to the topic of removing Confederate statues, but Caldwell returned to Trump, adding that he reached out to the White House suggesting the president address the country in “distinct terms.”

Watch the video below:

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