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Fox Anchor Says People Who Criticize Trump Over Iran Have ‘Trump Derangement Syndrom’


Fox News anchor Bret Baier seems to believe that anyone that criticizes Donald Trump over his strategy on Iran simply has “Trump derangement syndrome.”

“He did draw that red line, he did say, ‘If you kill an American, we are going to strike back and strike back hard,’” Baier said. “They did. There’s all this talk on Capitol Hill and briefing is now ongoing for House and Senate members.”

“There is this sense that this president perhaps doesn’t get credit when something goes right,” the anchor complained. “As all of this was happening, [critics said] it was going to be World War III. He started World War III and there’s no strategy here.”

Baier then added: “Now, we saw what Iran did in response [to the killing of a top general], we see what the U.S. is saying in response to that. And you wonder whether Trump derangement syndrome factors into some of the responses you hear publicly here in Washington.”

Take a look at his remarks in the video clip below:

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