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Fox And Friends Hosts Melt Down After Mazie Hirono Labels Trump ‘Grifter President’

Reacting to Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) grilling of Attorney General Bill Barr on Wednesday, the hosts of “Fox & Friends” used their airtime on Thursday to complain that the Democratic senator didn’t give either Barr or Trump the proper respect that they’re owed.

“Sen. Hirono, so inappropriate!” co-host Brian Kilmeade fumed. “I don’t care if anything happens in the future with future presidents or senators, for her to come out there and for her first words to be, ‘You and this grifter president,’ goes out and says the most disparaging things. Do they know people are watching around the world? Is that what the people of Hawaii want?”

Kilmeade then complained that Hirono’s insults to Barr and Trump took away time she could have used to ask questions.

“Don’t sit there for five minutes and give a speech!” he said. “So insulting!”

Yup, this coming from people who normally delight whenever President Donald Trump lobs personal insults at his political foes, were deeply offended that Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) would refer to Trump as a “grifter.”


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