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Fox And Friends Panel Blames Mass Shooting On Liberal Teachings Of Evolution

Tony Perkins

Addressing the latest mass shooting in Odessa, Texas, Tony Perkins, the head of the conservative Family Research Council, said that liberals were to blame for the stream of gun violence across the nation because they teach children about evolution.

“At some point, we have to realize that we as a nation have a problem,” Perkins said on Fox & Friends on Sunday. “And the problem is not the absence of laws, it’s an absence of morality.”

Perkins said the “absence of morality” had been caused by a “decades-long march through the institutions of America, driving religion and God from the public square.”

He added that he was “willing” to talk to liberals about ending the epidemic of mass shootings.

“I agree, praying alone is not enough,” Perkins opined. “It’s time to act. It’s not just about having a conversation about restricting those who should not have guns, criminals. But it’s also a discussion of an absence of a moral code in our culture today.”

According to Perkins, teaching children about evolution is one cause of mass shootings.

“We’ve taught our kids they come about through chance through primordial slime and then we’re surprised they treat their fellow Americans like dirt!” he exclaimed. “It’s time we talk about the result of the left’s systematic march through our institutions, driving religious expression from the public square.”

Perkins complained that children are not being taught that they are “created in the image of God.”

“We’ve driving religion from our public life and we’re shocked that we no longer have morality and we no longer value human life,” he remarked.

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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