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Fox & Friends Are Feeding Trump Terrible Ideas. Watch What They Are Urging Him To Do Now

Less than 24 hours after adult film star Stormy Daniels appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes to detail an alleged affair with Trump, Fox News host Steve Doocy urged President Donald Trump to declare a “state of an emergency” so he could build a wall on U.S.-Mexico border using Department of Defense funds.

While Fox & Friends hosted no segments on the revelations about Trump’s alleged affair with Daniels — whose real name is Stephanie Clifford — the show used at least three segments on Monday to promote Trump’s suggestion on Twitter that military money could be used to build the border wall.

“There have been some suggestions via his tweet, maybe he’ll take some of that military money and through executive order declaring an emergency or whatnot, he will be able to spend that and actually build the wall!” Doocy told one guest.

In a subsequent segment, Doocy brought up the idea again.

“Who wound up with a lot of money in that omnibus budget bill?” Doocy asked.

“Military!” co-host Ainsley Earhardt volunteered.

“Absolutely,” Doocy continued. “So maybe there is a way that he could take some of the money allocated to the Pentagon and if they could figure out a good argument for how to build the wall with the Pentagon money, they could say it would be part of our national security.”

He added: “I’ve been reading online, a number of lawyers have talked about how — the fact that Congress allocates the money and the executive branch figures out how to distribute it.”

“If the president determines that building a wall is in the national security interests, he could declare an emergency and then they could wind up taking some of that money,” Doocy added. Congress might not like it but they’re powerless — unless they sue. Do you think Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan would sue?”

Watch the video below from Fox News.

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