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‘Fox & Friends’ Try To Interview Patrons At This Diner When Customer Walks In And Derails The Whole Thing

On Wednesday, Fox News reporter Todd Piro attempted to interview a man at a diner in Kentucky when a customer walked from behind and caused the network’s morning show, Fox & Friends, to shut down a segment within seconds after it began.

“Let’s get right to the debate,” Piro said turning to a man named Keith. “Jefferson County, where we are, highly Democrat. Bullet County, right across the way here, heavy Republican.”

Piro began to ask a question of a “Trump voter” — but he was quickly interrupted by a man who approached from behind with a sign reading “Fox Lies.”

The man, who was clearly not a fan of Fox News caused the network’s morning show said, “I’m a Democrat right here.”

“Alright, alright,” Piro replied, pushing the man’s sign out of view of the camera. “We’re going to wrap this up and we’re going to go on off to commercial.”

Back in the studio, the Fox & Friends hosts suggested that the segment was cut short because of a safety issue.

“I was reading his lips, I know exactly what he meant,” host Brian Kilmeade opined.

“Yeah, we don’t know exactly what was going on there,” co-host Steve Doocy added. “But they felt in the best interest of the telecast, we cut away.”

But not everyone had a negative response to the on-air mishap. Think Progress founder Judd Legum shared the video with the caption: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Watch the clip below and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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