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Fox Host Can’t Handle The Truth When Military Expert Compares Trump Parade To North Korea — Watch:

On Wednesday, Fox military analyst Ralph Peters blasted President Donald Trump’s plan to have a massive military parade featuring American weapons such as tanks and missiles, saying that “people that parade weapons are the North Koreans and the Russians.”

When asked by Hemmer for his thoughts on “showing off American might down Pennsylvania Avenue” by Hemmer, Peters immediately signaled that he was not on board with the plan.

“The French march well, we fight well. Take your pick,” he said bluntly, leaving host Bill Hemmer stunned. “If we really want to honor our troops and support them, pass the defense budget.”

The retired Lt. Col. went on to explain that he found it distasteful for Americans to be parading weapons and vehicles down the street simply to show off military strength.

“When we have military parades we do honor the troops,” he said. “It is the human element, not heavy metal war machines rolling down the streets of American cities.”

Hemmer then asked Peters what he thought about reporters and analysts saying that Trump’s parade idea is similar to the types of parades we see in Russia and North Korea — and he was taken aback when Peters said the comparisons were apt.

“They’re right,” Peters said. “The people that parade weapons are the North Koreans and the Russians.”

“This is not to parade weapons as if it’s some sort of offensive gesture!” Hemmer interjected emotionally. “This is red, white and blue!”

Watch the exchange below:

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