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Fox News Caught Spreading ‘Biblical’ Fake News About Hurricane Harvey On National TV


Fox News Caught Spreading ‘Biblical’ Fake News About Hurricane Harvey On National TV

Let’s face it, Fox News loves spreading sensational news stories. Their gullible audience tends to believe everything they publish, whether the story is real or not. This time, however, they got duped by an obvious hoax.

A viral hoax of a photoshopped shark swimming in a flooded Houston highway following Hurricane Harvey made waves online Monday afternoon. But the internet quickly dispelled the myth that a live shark was floating amongst driving cars escaping the storm, even discovering the hoax was the same one used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina; but that development went unnoticed by the good people at Fox News.

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Jesse Watters, Fox News personality and co-host of ‘The Five’, was convinced there were “some really weird Biblical things” happening after the category four hurricane made landfall in parts of Texas Friday night. That included the fake swimming shark, among other unconfirmed reports spreading across the web.

“I’ve seen some amazing things out there just watching television,” Watters said. “Alligators on people’s back door steps. I saw a shark on a highway swimming in the water.”

“Like ‘Sharknado!'” co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle exclaimed, referring to the apocalyptic comedy in which sharks swim through flooded city streets. “Like ‘Sharknado,'” Watters echoed.

“I saw a hawk sitting in someone’s taxi cab,” he continued. “You know, there’s some really weird biblical things that are going on down there in Houston. I can’t imagine how I would be experiencing that as a guy from the northeast but I think Texas has it figured out.”

For a program that bills itself as a news show, to not take the extra step in verifying its claims to millions of live viewers is troubling to say the least, and adds to the anti-media sentiment President Donald Trump casually employs when he rails against outlets like CNN and the New York Times as “fake news.”

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