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Fox News’ Chris Wallace Just Said Obama Would Beat Trump And Trump Supporters Are Having Panic Attacks

On Friday, Fox News host Shep Smith welcomed one of his colleagues, Chris Wallace, to his show to talk about who would win in a battle between former President Barack Obama or Donald Trump.

The discussion came as Obama was campaigning for Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum (D-FL) in Miami.

Wallace seemed to praise Obama during the discussion, saying that the former president would have beaten Trump in a presidential election.

“Political speechify is a great thing to watch,” Wallace said. “You think could Barack Obama have beaten Trump?”

He added, “Historically when Barack Obama is on the ballot he is unbeatable, but when he is not and out there speechifying it doesn’t always work.”

Wallace’s slight hint that Obama would beat Trump cause supporters of the president to lose their minds. Here are some of the responses from Trump supporters who couldn’t handle Wallace’s honesty.

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