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Fox News Correspondent Abruptly Resigns: ‘Staff Are Sick Of Being a Trump Propaganda Channel’

Fox News international correspondent Conor Powell has abruptly resigned from his job amid reports that Fox staff members are tired of seeing the network transformed into a pro-Trump propaganda channel.

Powell stepped down this week after nine years reporting for the network, The Wrap reports.

“After nearly 9 years, I have decided to resign from Fox News,” Powell announced on his Facebook page. “Those of you who have spoken to me in recent months, you will understand why I am leaving FNC.”

A source within the network told The Wrap that Powell is just one of many people on the news team who are frustrated with the network’s emphasis on supporting Trump-loving opinion hosts such as Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingraham over more hard news reporting.

“Lots of reporters are very unhappy with directions of FNC right now,” the source explains. “Fewer news shows. More opinion shows. Less resources for reporters to report.”

Similarly, Fox News military analyst Ralph Peters resigned from Fox News earlier this year, while calling the network a “propaganda” operation for President Donald Trump.

“Today, I feel that Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law, while fostering corrosive and unjustified paranoia among viewers,” Peters said in justifying his resignation.

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