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Fox New’s Debate Advise For Trump: ‘Ignore The Facts, Deny It Ever Happened’

The facts regarding Fox News’ lack of professionalism are on full display every day. The TV news network is not only a leader in lying to the American public but, as the clip below shows, it’s also flat-out insane and even dangerous.

In a bizarre TV moment, Fox News host Charles Krauthammer suggested Thursday Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could simply lie to win.

Commenting on the upcoming presidential debate, Krauthammer offered some advice for Trump saying:

“I think he can hold his own. He just needs to be — to ignore, as everybody here has said — ignore the bait. He should just dismiss all the quotations that he hears, the way that Pence did. Deny it ever happened and then ignore the fact checkers.”

Yup, you should lie just like Mike Pence did in order to win.

Check out the video below:

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