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Fox News Desperately Calls On Viewers To Vote GOP, Saying Trump Has ‘No Scandals’: Watch

Fox News co-hosts Jesse Watters and Laura Ingraham praised Donald Trump on Tuesday in a desperate attempt to get voters to vote Republicans in today’s midterms.

During their conversation, Watters told Ingraham that people should vote Republican because there has been “no scandals” during Trump’s presidency, unlike past administrations.

“The Republicans have held the House for the last 20 of 24 years,” Watters explained. “You know, they only lost in 2006 as some of the scandals and the Iraq war was dragging on, but they got it back after Pelosi and Obama overreached.”

“Do you see right now — with no recession, no scandals, hot economy — do you see any reason substantively for Republicans to lose the House?” Watters asked.

“It was back to the scare tactics on Obamacare,” Ingraham said of the Democratic strategy. “That’s the one policy they really focused on. The separation of the kids at the border, I don’t think most people are going to vote on that.”

“I think most of the resistance voters out there are resisting the tone of Trump,” she continued. “They are resisting his personality. It’s like they are putting blinders on to all the great — there’s never a better time to be in America than today!”

According to Ingraham, “the left is so jacked to send a message to the president that, ‘Oh, no, we’re not going to be fooled again. We were embarrassed in 2016. We’re going to embarrass you now.’ It’s personal with the left.”

She added: “And Republicans are all about charts and numbers and G.D.P. — the art of the storytelling is sometimes lost on Republicans.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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