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Fox News Host Bret Baier Crushes Trump In Blistering Response: ‘The Polls Are Real, You’re Losing’

Fox News anchor Bret Baier shot back at President Donald Trump, who blasted the conservative network after a new poll showed him falling behind several potential Democratic challengers in next year’s presidential election.

Trump has recently been attacking Fox News for what he sees as less favorable coverage than what he enjoyed from the right-wing network throughout the 2016 campaign.

While he still gets enthusiastic support from opinion hosts Sean Hannity Tucker Carlson and Jeanine Pirro, he’s griped over some of its news coverage.

“There’s something going on at Fox, I’ll tell you right now, and I’m not happy with it,” Trump said Sunday, in his latest swipe at his once-favorite network.

Baier responded by insisting that “Fox has not changed,” and then explained to Trump that the network has an opinion side and a news side.

“The opinion folks express their opinions,” Baier said. “We do polls. Our latest poll had the Democratic candidates, head-to-head, several of them ahead of President Trump.”

He said the numbers are similar to the aggregations of polls on RealClearPolitics and then challenged the president top appear on his show.

“This poll matches what we are seeing out there, Mr. President,” he said, then challenged him to appear on the network for an interview.

“We’d love to have you back on,” he said. “You’ve talked to George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd. Come on back. Me, Chris Wallace, the news side cover it fair, balanced and unafraid.”


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