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Fox News Host Calls Out The Network’s Hypocrisy On Live TV During Heated Exchange: Watch

Fox News host Kennedy claimed on Wednesday that conservatives and many of her colleagues are hypocritical for standing up for Donald Trump for doing things they would have criticised former President Barack Obama of doing.

Earlier in the day, Trump had pledged that he would find a way to fund construction of his proposed border wall even if Congress failed to allocate funds for it. He even proposed using the military to build the wall. Kennedy pointed out that if Obama would have proposed the same thing, Fox News and conservatives would’ve freaked.

“That’s not the way the government works,” Kennedy said. “You can’t just take $1 billion from this program, $1 billion from over here, and then put it toward your pet project.”

“If this were the Obama administration and President Obama had done that with Solyndra, and taken money from the defense budget for a solar panel company, we would all be up in arms,” she added. “It’s really not okay, it’s not how the government should function.”

Kennedy finished off by blasting Trump for being unable to get funds for his wall even with control of all three chambers of government.

“It just goes to show what a politically toxic issue this is,” she said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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