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Watch Fox News Host Make a Fool Of Himself Trying To Justify Trump’s Incoherent “Covfefe” Tweet

Social media exploded this morning after Donald Trump fired off a tweet that was heard around the world. “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Donald Trump tweeted that at 12:06am.

Trump was probably about to type coverage…but then maybe fell asleep? Or did someone with some brains grab his phone and say “No more tweeting for you!”?

Well, we may never know. But Fox News host Jon Scott suggested on Wednesday that the incoherent late night Twitter message proves that Donald Trump has the “stamina to be president.”

“People are enjoying it, you’ve got to give him that,” Fox’s Scott announced on Wednesday morning. “It was a big issue during the campaign. He often accused Hillary Clinton of not having the energy, the stamina to be president.”

“So, he was up tweeting at 12:06 a.m., even if it wasn’t exactly a, well, coherent tweet,” Scott added. “And then at 5:00 a.m., he deleted it. So, I guess the president is, as he said, a man who needs only a few hours sleep. At any rate, he got 126,000 retweets and 160,000 likes for ‘covfefe.’”

Really? This is a man who couldn’t walk with the other G7 leaders, and needed a GOLF CART!

Watch the video below via Media Matters.

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