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Fox News Host: ‘People Are Dying And I Realize That – But Women Can’t Get Their Nails Done’


Fox News Host: ‘People Are Dying And I Realize That – But Women Can’t Get Their Nails Done’

A Fox News host shocked viewers on Thursday when she showed exactly where her priorities stand during this pandemic. “Fox & Friends” co-host Ainsley Earhardt said that getting her nails done is much more important than people dying from the coronavirus pandemic.

“I live in the city,” Ainsley told her co-hosts. “You can’t go back to the city – you can, but I don’t want to, I don’t want to be around the area that’s infected the most,” she said. The New York City region is now the epicenter of the pandemic in the U.S.

“But I’m thinking like all the bills that are stacking up at my apartment. You know, we’ve got to think about that kind of thing. If you bought clothing before all this happened and you want to return it, are stores going to, you know, waive that 30 day period where you can get your money back if you need to return something?”

“These are all the things. Women – y’all don’t think about this, guys, but – this is not a priority, but women have to get their hair done. I saw someone tweet out, ‘You’re gonna see what color our real hair is because our roots are going to grow in.’ Women – all my friends are saying, this is not a priority, people are dying and I realize that – but they can’t get their nails done.”

“You know, businesses are closed everywhere. We’re in priority mode right now. It’s pharmacies and it is grocery stores – those are really the only places that people are going now.”

Take a look at her remarks below:

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