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Fox News Jewish Commentator Was Told Not To Report Sexual Assault

Former Fox News Channel contributor Tamara Holder just revealed that she was sexually assaulted by a Fox News executive, and that she was told by her talent agency not to report the incident.

Holder shared her story with the Huffington Post on Tuesday, revealing that she told one of her agents, Steve Levine of ICM, last September that a senior Fox News executive had tried to force her to perform oral sex on him the previous year.

Holder wanted to file an internal complaint with Fox, but Levine allegedly told her that doing so would brand her as “toxic” and harm her career.

According to the report, she emailed Levine and her other agents at ICM, one of the biggest media agencies in the world, to tell them that she would not report the incident, to which Levine responded, “Good news and I think a wise position to take.”

But Holder later changed her mind and reported the incident. While she eventually won a settlement from Fox that, according to The New York Times, reached more than $2.5 million, she says that it was done despite her agency’s refusal to help her or corroborate her claims. Holder’s contract with Fox News was not renewed, according to HufPost.

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