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Fox News Judge Napolitano Just Destroyed Trump’s Plan To Declare A National Emergency

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano advised Donald Trump not to declare a national emergency in order to build his wall because it is more than certain that the courts would stop him right in his path.

In an appearance Monday on Fox News’ “American Newsroom,” Napolitano said he believed the courts would stop Trump because much of the land on the border where the wall would be built is held privately.

“I think the law is very clear and I think the President has been advised of it that if he signs an executive order declaring a national emergency and directing the military to spend money that has not been expressly appropriated for the wall or that has not been expressly appropriated for eminent domain– since much of the real estate where they want to build the wall is privately owned– I think it’s pretty clear that the court will stop him from doing that,” Napolitano said.

On Monday, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham urged Trump to declare an emergency in order to get his wall built. Even if it meant “war” within the Republican Party.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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