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Fox News Panel Destroys ‘Coward’ Duncan Hunter For Blaming His Wife For Indictments: Watch


Fox News Panel Destroys ‘Coward’ Duncan Hunter For Blaming His Wife For Indictments: Watch

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) appeared on Fox News on Thursday night to clear his name of any wrongdoing after being indicted for improperly using campaign funds for his own personal affairs. The only problem? He blamed his own wife.

Hunter’s attack on his own wife caused a Fox News panel to call him out for it on Friday.

Fox News host Martha MacCallum, who had interviewed Hunter on Thursday night, welcomed a panel to discuss the Republican congressman’s claims.

“Ahh!” MacCallum gasped as she rolled footage of her own interview. “Oh, ‘I didn’t do it, you’d better check out my wife, she’s the campaign manager!’”

Washington Examiner columnist Capri Cafaro called out Hunter for his comments.

“Stutter much? This guy—his body language, the way he’s presenting himself—clearly, I mean, I know he’s innocent until proven guilty but let me say a few things about this: what kind of wimp blames their wife?” she said. “He shouldn’t have crossed her because if he does and they get divorced he can’t benefit from that spousal immunity. They really should have a united front here but apparently, he doesn’t and he’s a coward.”

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe agreed.

“I think he’s got a lot bigger things to fear here than this indictment,” she said.

Elizabeth Wagmeister of Page Six TV also shot fire at Hunter.

“Aside from throwing your wife under the bus on national TV, or at all, what about taking responsibility?” she asked.

Take a look at the clip below:

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