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Fox News Accidentally Confirms ‘President Trump Is a Crook’, But They Don’t Care


Fox News Accidentally Confirms ‘President Trump Is a Crook’, But They Don’t Care

It’s not a secret that folks over at Fox News are fervent supporters of Donald Trump. Their every-day-mission is to try to spin Trump’s scandal-ridden presidency into something positive, no matter how awful the president’s actions are.

But the people at the right-wing network are no longer hiding the fact that President Trump is corrupt. In fact they are now questioning if it matters at all.

In a recent article, Fox News not only suggested that Trump is indeed guilty of colluding with Russia to defeat Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in the 2016 presidential elections, but they also revealed that they don’t care if he is guilty of such crime while pushing the idea that “it really doesn’t matter.”

The Fox News article goes on to say:

“Would you even care if he was guilty? The stock market is up, unemployment is down and the economy seems to be picking up some steam. The streets are mostly safe, the nation is mostly secure and the world is mostly at peace. So does it matter to you whether or not the president is a crook? The answer for a lot of Americans may be no.”

I’m sorry, what? Is it ok to rig an election with a foreign country as long as the country appears to be “successful” in spite of it?

Why would Fox News be leading with a story that confirms Trump’s guilt unless they know the story that’s about to surface confirms Trump and/or his team’s guilt?

Well, we can’t wait to see what it is and just how bad it blows up in Trump’s face despite his friends at Fox News trying to spin it in another cover-up.

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