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Fox News Pundit Blames Media For Trump’s Low Approval Ratings Among Black Voters, Says ‘Working Class’ Elected Trump

A white Fox News pundit was asked on Sunday to explain why Donald Trump’s approval rating among African Americans is at a staggering 3 percent.

On Sunday, Fox News host Leland Vitter interviewed radio host R.J. Harris and asked him to explain Trump’s low approval ratings.

The only thing Harris could do is blame the media.

“Where’s the disconnect?” Vitter asked.

“The disconnect is still in the mainstream media,” Harris complained. “The mainstream media is blamed for everything so I’m not trying to take the easy path here. But they spend, you know, so much time beating [Trump] up. He’s getting no credit for NAFTA.”

The Fox News host then interrupted saying that Harris wasn’t giving credit to the American people.

“Are we giving voters and our listeners and our viewers enough credit?” Vitter questioned. “When you sit here and just say, ‘Blame the mainstream media,’ people are smart. If their pocketbooks are full and they’re feeling good and they’re out buying stuff and they feel like they’re going to get a promotion and a raise at work, did they really care what the ‘mainstream media’ tell them?”

“Overall, no,” Harris replied. “And I think America is pretty darned happy right now.”

“Why isn’t that reflected?” Vitter asked. “If people are so happy, why isn’t it reflected in the polling numbers?”

“Well, I’m not sure why the African-American community is not higher,” Harris said. “They’re doing much better. So is the Hispanic community.”

He then went on to claim that Trump shouldn’t worry about losing votes because the “working people” elected him.

“I like to talk about we working people elected Trump,” he said, before adding: “And that is not code for white people!”

“It’s true people who have been the ox with the yoke around our neck all this time carrying people,” Harris continued. “There’s opportunity for everybody, particularly people of color. All the stats show that.”

Take a look at the clip below:

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