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Sean Hannity Loses It After Geraldo Rivera Drops Truth Bomb About Trump’s Immigration Hysteria

Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera just threw cold water on President Donald Trump’s call to deploy National Guard troops to the southern border, saying that the immigration crisis surrounding a Central American caravan traveling to Mexico was “manufactured.”

On Thursday, Rivera sparred with right-wing host and Trump apologizer Sean Hannity after saying he thought reports of the caravan had caused an overreaction.

“I think this immigrant crisis is manufactured,” Rivera said. “I think it’s an overreaction to the so-called caravan of 1,000 that is now broken up in the southern city around Puebla. … They are seeking asylum.”

Hannity insisted that migrants “crossed the border, the weak borders, and raped Americans.”

President Trump made a similar claim earlier on Thursday, saying women emigrating from Central America to the U.S. are “raped at levels nobody’s ever seen before.

Rivera insisted with “absolute certainty” that illegal immigration was at a record low.

“Illegal immigration across the southern border is near 46-year lows,” Rivera said. “We did have a spike in March, probably having to do with the demand for agricultural workers here in the southwestern part of the country.”

“Isn’t one murder, isn’t one rape enough?” Hannity asked.

Rivera said he did not deny there were crimes committed against “poor, vulnerable” people making the trek to the United States to flee poor economies and violence.

“They’re seeking a better life, just like our immigrant parents sought a better life here,” Rivera said.

The so-called caravan has been a hot topic for Trump this week who tweeted several times attacking the immigrants.

Watch the exchange in the video below via Fox News.

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