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Fox News Reporter: ‘There Would Have Been An Explosion On The Right’ If Obama Acted Like Trump

Donald Trump’s attack on the media doesn’t stop. He continues to tweet every day about “unfair” coverage and calling CNN and other outlets who criticize his presidency “fake news.”

Trump went as far as to insulting Jeff Zucker, who was once his friend.

But what if former President Barack Obama had gone after Fox News for all the attacks he received from them? How would conservatives react?

On Thursday, Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz explained just that.

“The president of the United States should not be calling for the firing of two heads of private companies simply because he disagrees with and doesn’t like their media coverage of him,” Kurtz said. “It’s using the bully pulpit in a way that feels like a personal grudge, especially in the case of Jeff Zucker, who had been on leave after surgery for serious heart problems.”

“If President Obama had said, ‘Hey, Fox News, you should get rid of Roger Ailes, because I think their coverage of me is unfair, it would have been an explosion on the right.’”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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