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Fox News Tried To ‘Deceive’ Viewers On Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer, His Response Is Brilliant

On Monday Fox News host Martha MacCallum attacked Stormy Daniels’ attorney Michael Avenatti after he had to cancel their scheduled interview. Avenatti called out the Fox News host for spreading lies about him.

MacCallum ended her segment on Monday by saying that Avenatti told CNN that “Fox News doesn’t seem to want him on our shows.” And after they invited him he ended up canceling.

“That is not actually the case,” the host said. “In fact, Mr. Avenatti was scheduled to appear on this show tomorrow night, but this morning, he abruptly canceled the interview despite his pledge to appear on Fox News this week. So there you go.”

The Fox News forgot to give a few details as to why Avenatti had to cancel, so Daniels’ attorney had to set the record straight.

Avenatti tweeted:

“You are classless @marthamaccallum. I agree to go on your show [tomorrow] and then had to cancel due to a commitment with the case that I explained to your producer first thing this AM. You respond by calling me out on your show and deceiving people?!”

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