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Fox Refuses To Air Tax Ad With Trump Impersonator, So We Are Sharing It With You

Right-wing network Fox News is refusing to air a Democratic group’s new ad that opposes the Republican tax plan by using an impersonator of President Donald Trump, because “it offends the president.”

The thirty-second TV spot is part of the ‘Not One Penny’ campaign launched by a coalition of progressive organizations working against the proposal, on FOX News, including on Fox & Friends, the morning show Trump frequently watches.

The ad features an actor who looks like Trump tweeting at a golf country club as a voice-over proclaims, “A president who tells it like it is. That’s what America needs. But when it’s time for Trump to explain why his tax plan gives a big cut to the wealthy, including lucrative breaks for golf course owners and cuts for rich heirs — all worth more than a billion dollars for Trump and his family — why is this president suddenly at a loss for words?”

It’s the second time in recent weeks FOX News has declined to air a liberal-leaning ad. Earlier this month, the network refused to run a spot featuring activist billionaire Tom Steyer calling for Trump’s impeachment, shortly after Trump tweeted in response to the ad when it aired on Fox & Friends.

The decision comes as Fox faces increased scrutiny for its close relationship with the president, and at a pivotal time for the unpopular tax legislation

Republicans, led by Trump, are desperate to pass tax legislation before the end of the year. The bill passed the Senate Budget Committee on Tuesday. GOP lawmakers are scrambling to ensure the legislation has enough support in the Senate before the vote next month.

Trump regularly tweets about issues raised on Fox & Friends, and the vast majority of his interviews as president have been with FOX properties.

“No matter how desperately President Trump denies the reality — and his friends try to cover up the truth — they can’t escape the fact that this tax plan is a $1 billion tax break for the Trump family at the expense of the middle class,” said Tim Hogan, a spokesman for the Not One Penny campaign, said in response to FOX’s decision.

While Fox has declined to run the ad, you can watch it below and share it with everyone you know:

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