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‘Fraud’ Paul Ryan Just Got A Brutal Farewell As He Leaves His Post As Speaker

Today marked Paul Ryan’s last day as Speaker of the House. And after years of disastrous economic policies in his rearview mirror, Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman decided to call him out for it.

Krugman took to Twitter on Thursday to call out Ryan.

“Today the best House Speaker of modern times reclaims the gavel from the worst. Paul Ryan leaves office with 12%, that’s right, 12% favorability — and 75% unfavorable,” he tweeted

He then added, “Whatever happened to the days when Ryan was a media darling, receiving constant praise for his seriousness and honesty? I’ve talked a lot about how his phoniness was obvious from the beginning,” before linking to a previous column where he called Ryan a “FlimFlam man.”

“What I haven’t talked about, I think, is that Ryan-adulation was always a within-the-Beltway thing — that is, it didn’t reflect any kind of broad public perception. On the contrary, ordinary voters always despised him,” he tweeted, adding, “Strange to say, however, you never ever read stories about how unlikable Ryan was. It was all about the wonderful substance of his ideas — which were, in fact, obviously fraudulent.”

Take a look at the series of tweets below:

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