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Furious Trump Launches Maniacal Fusillade Against His Own Fed Chair, Blames Dems For Looming Recession

Donald Trump recession

President Donald Trump on Monday descended into a mad tweetstorm, lashing out and blaming everyone over the problems plaguing his erratic administration.

The president capped his morning by declaring war on the man he personally picked to head the Federal Reserve as top economists predict the U.S. will plunge into a recession within the next 6 to 12 months due in part on Trump’s trade war with China and the tax cuts for wealthy Americans.

The President blasted Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve – which is supposed to be a wholly independent agency. But it is Trump who is to blame for the possible impending recession.

Trade wars are not easy to win, and Trump’s lack of understanding of the international economy is harming Americans and people worldwide.

Trump also called for the Fed to massively cut interest rates, which would steal a critical tool the Fed uses when facing dire economic crises.

One Washington Post Economics Correspondent pointed out that Trump is worried about the economic downturn ahead of the 2020 elections.

Another Washington Post reporter notes Trump is really pushing the envelope:

Meanwhile, this ABC News reporter reminded Trump of his praise of Powell when he nominated him:

Then a senior market analyst called out Trump for blaming Democrats for his fainling economic policies:

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