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‘GAWD, He’s Trashed’: Obviously Drunk Larry Kudlow Ridiculed For Lying While Slurring His Words In Bizarre Interview

Larry Kudlow drunk

President Donald Trump’s adviser Larry Kudlow appeared on Fox News on Sunday and quickly got the internet buzzing about his bizarre speech patterns during the interview.

“There is no economic recession in sight,” Kudlow insisted to Fox News Sunday host Dana Perino.

Twitter, however, couldn’t help but notice Kudlow slurring his words. As expected, mockery ensued.

“Pretty sure Larry Kudlow is drunk on my TV right now… And he is lying while slurring his words,” one Twitter user noted.

“Kudlow is on fox news Sunday right now and from my 30 yrs of tending bar, I gotta say this guy appears drunk,” another user observed.

Some pointed out Kudlow’s addiction to cocaine in the 1990s.

Watch Kudlow on Fox News and read some of the comments below.

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