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Gen. Kelly Forcing Omarosa Out Of White House For Getting Trump Worked Up Over Negative Press: Report

A new report has revealed that White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has blocked Donald Trump’s aide Omarosa Manigault from speaking to the president after getting him worked up with a wave of bad news.

The Daily Beast reported on Saturday that the former Apprentice star has been restricted on when she can see the president. Omarosa, who serves as the communications director for the Office of Public Liaison, was constantly delivering bad news to Trump which would cause him to get ramped up.

One source in the White House said that the articles Omarosa sends Trump get him riled up and distract him from the conducting the business at hand.

“When Gen. Kelly is talking about clamping down on access to the Oval, she’s patient zero,” one source explained,

Another source added that Kelly, “is not thrilled by any means by [Manigault]. He is, however, thrilled that he has been able to stop staffers including Omarosa from bolting into the Oval Office and triggering the president with White House [palace] intrigue stories.”

Another source also said that the articles that were being shared with Trump were from “obscure, gossipy websites, and concerned White House palace intrigue, media personalities, or prominent Republicans in Congress.”

According to the report, Omarosa is not thrilled with Kelly’s decision and is looking for a way out of the White House.

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