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Russia Attacked U.S. Troops In Syria And Trump Kept It Quiet, Gen. Mattis Reveals


Russia Attacked U.S. Troops In Syria And Trump Kept It Quiet, Gen. Mattis Reveals

Under Donald Trump watch, Russian president Vladimir Putin launched an attack on American forces and their allies in Syria last week, suffering heavy casualties, U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis revealed Friday, according to Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg writes:

When reporters asked U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis about the incident, he called the whole thing perplexing. “I have no idea why they would attack there, the forces were known to be there, obviously the Russians knew,” he said. “We have always known that there are elements in this very complex battle space that the Russians did not have, I would call it, control of.”

Now, it should be said that Mattis, a retired four-star Marine Corps general, is a very smart man. His, in this case, is probably what Plato called a “noble lie,” a falsehood spoken by a leader to achieve a greater social good. If Mattis acknowledges the obvious — that the Kremlin authorized a direct assault on a U.S.-sponsored base by non-uniformed personnel — he risks an escalation spiral in Syria. Better to express bewilderment and give Russian President Vladimir Putin a chance to back down and deny culpability, which he ended up doing despite the heavy casualties suffered by his mercenaries.

Now let that thought sink in for a moment. The U.S. Secretary of Defense is admitting that Vladimir Putin ordered an attack on American troops and the Trump administration decided to keep it quiet and give Putin some room for deniability. That should be ground for impeachment!

“There is no doubt that the Russian military knew all about the attack in Deir Ezzor,” U.S. officials who monitor Syria told Bloomberg.

“Any Russian mercenaries, whether they are in Ukraine or Syria, work for the Russian government,” said Evelyn Farkas, a former deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia during the Obama administration.

The report added: “For a cynic like Putin, whose air force has bombed other enclaves of U.S.-supported rebels in Syria, the inability of the U.S. to stop a NATO ally, Turkey, from attacking another ally in Afrin is a sign of weakness. The assault last week on Deir Ezzor with mercenaries was a chance to again probe for a U.S. response.”

What is truly perplexing is Trump’s decision to keep the incident under wraps and shy away from directly blaming Russia for the incident.

Russia needs to be held accountable and be told that an attack by its mercenaries will be treated as an attack by its armed forces.

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