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George Conway Lashes Out At WH Over Letter To Congress: ‘In And Of Itself, An Impeachable Offense’


Washington, D.C. lawyer George Conway, who has been a heavy critic of Donald Trump, took to Twitter on Tuesday shortly after the president’s White House attorneys sent a letter to Congress claiming that no one in the administration would be cooperating in the impeachment inquiry of the president.

Trump’s lawyers sent Congress a letter saying that the impeachment inquiry violates “due process” of the president.

But that’s not how impeachment works. In fact, impeachment is not a criminal or judicial inquiry, it’s legislative.

Trump could be removed from office, but he would not be thrown in jail or convicted of a crime as a result of the impeachment findings.

The only way Trump would be entitled to the “due process” his lawyers cited is if he is kicked out of office and tried in a court of law.

This is why Conway took to Twitter to express his dismay with the letter to Congress.

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