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Georgia GOP Candidate Says Being White Gives Him A ‘Unique Perspective’

Georgia Republican candidate Houston Gaines claims that he brings a “unique perspective” in the statehouse race because he’s white.

Gains is running for a seat in a conservative Athens statehouse district. He’s running against Democratic attorney Deborah Gonzalez, who is Hispanic, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

When asked about his perspective Gaines said he has the upper hand because he’s white.

“I think it’s pretty clear that I bring a different perspective than what we’ve got,” Gaines said.

Reporters then asked how his perspective differed from Gonzalez.

“It’s obvious by just looking at us that we have a different perspective,” Gaines said.

“The reality is that I bring one of the most unique perspectives, if not the most unique perspective, we’ve ever had in the state Capitol,” Gaines said. “That’s just the reality of the facts and in this race.”

Gaines remarks were described by a spokesman for the state’s Democratic Party as “racist filth,” who also said they were “disgraceful and disqualifying.”

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