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Giuliani Unknowingly Throws Trump Under The Bus, Says He Was In Ukraine ‘Solely’ On Behalf Of Trump


Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has spilled the beans yet again and has made his client’s case a lot more complicated.

Giuliani fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday claiming that he was working on Ukraine issues only on behalf of Trump.

Giuliani seems to be flailing in trying to explain away his involvement in another international scandal involving the president begging another country to help him win an election.

“The investigation I conducted concerning 2016 Ukrainian collusion and corruption, was done solely as a defense attorney to defend my client against false charges, that kept changing as one after another were disproven,” Giuliani confessed.

“The evidence, when revealed fully, will show that this present farce is as much a frame-up and hoax as Russian collusion, maybe worse, and will prove the President is innocent,” Giuliani continued on Twitter. “I am represented and assisted by Robert Costello and the Pierce Bainbridge firm in particular, Eric Creizman and Melissa Madrigal.”

Take a look at his tweets below:

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