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Giuliani Emerges From The Swamp And He’s Making a Bigger Mess Than Ever

For a few weeks, “President” Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, disappeared. No one knows where he was, but nobody missed him. Now that the midterms are over, the erratic attorney has emerged and wasted no time in making himself look like a fool.

Giuliani said on Tuesday that former President Barack Obama “should be ‘more presidential’ like Donald Trump, midterm results proof.” seriously.

“The DeSantis/Scott team won critical races in Florida. Also there was no place President Trump campaigned harder and it paid off. The big loser former President Obama looks like defeats wherever he worked hard. Maybe now he will follow 43’s more presidential approach,” Giuliani tweeted.

He is either referring to George W. Bush, who was the 43rd president, or to his own boss, Donald Trump. In any case, 45 shortly after engaged in his normal unpresidential style, throwing all kinds of Republicans under the bus, ridiculing them for not being MAGAts, etc.

Humiliated and defeated, Trump took off to Paris and holed up in his hotel, skipping solemn remembrances, avoiding the crowd, wasting taxpayer dollars. Then on Veteran’s Day, the “President” skipped Arlington and the solemn ceremony there because of rain.

So Rudy Giuliani can talk all he wants about President Obama needing to be more presidential, but unfortunately, nothing Trump does goes without putting a further blight on the office of the President which he currently occupies.

There is nothing presidential in ignoring our military, both active and veterans alike, or attacking victims of natural disasters. We will not miss Giuliani if he goes back to whatever it is he does when he is not spreading nonsense.

Read Giuliani’s tweet and share your response in the comment’s section below.

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