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Giuliani Goes Berserk On Twitter And Demands Trump’s Impeachment To Be ‘Declared Illegal’


Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani took to Twitter on Thursday to demand that the president’s impeachment be overturned and “declared illegal.”

“If this impeachment is not declared illegal it would remove the constitutional limitation of crimes on the power to impeach,” Giuliani wrote. “It would allow the House to impeach for policy differences or political leverage. It would prevent a future president to raise any challenge to the most illegal, overbroad subpoena from any of the multitude of congressional committees and sub-committees. Anytime Congress disagrees, it could charge abuse of power.”

Giuliani might want to read up on the Constitution because, in reality, it is not necessary to prove that a president committed a crime when impeaching them, as the language in the Constitution is intentionally vague about what does and does not constitute an impeachment offense.

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