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Rudy Giuliani Goes INSANE On CNN, Says He Wants To See Clinton In an ‘Orange Jumpsuit’

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani clashed with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo during a heated interview Wednesday morning in which Cuomo blasted Giuliani for living in a fact-free “Trumpland.”

Giuliani attacked Clinton saying he’d like to see her in an orange jumpsuit. Cuomo asked “where is this coming from?” and Giuliani claimed it was simply his history of upholding the law as a prosecutor.

Then all hell broke loose when Cuomo jumped in while Giuliani was speaking noting that every investigation refutes what Giuliani claims and that the FBI said that they couldn’t charge Clinton with a crime.

“You can have your own opinion, but you seems like you are feeding the Trump argument that it was fixed,” Cuomo said. “That it was rigged. That FBI Director Comey should have brought a case and didn’t on purpose.” He maintained that Giuliani seemed as if he was presupposing Clinton was lying about everything, not about negligence.

Giuliani didn’t care, saying that it didn’t matter to him what prosecutors and the FBI said, his beliefs are the correct ones.

The interview turned personal when Giuliani claimed that Cuomo was blaming Republicans for everything while arguing that the “rigged polls” are lying to Americans and are rigged for Democrats.

Cuomo tried to ask him how Trump could cite polls when they showed him winning but then attack the same poll when it is unfavorable a month later. Giuliani simply reaffirmed his attack on all polling.

Watch the INSANE exchange below:

Here’s part 2:

Someone call a psychiatrist!

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