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Giuliani Has Complete Meltdown In Late-Night Rant Against ‘Angry Bitter Hillary Supporter’ Mueller

On Tuesday night, Rudy Giuliani went off the deep end and lashed out at Robert Mueller and his team for being “a group of Angry Bitter Hillary Supporters,” in response to a reporter seeking comment on Mike Flynn’s sentencing memo.

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agents and agreed to cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller, who told a court that Flynn had provided “substantial assistance.”

Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, downplayed the significance of Flynn’s cooperation in an angry and misspelled text message to Politico.

“Wow big crime for a SPECIAL WHATEVER,” Giuliani texted to Politico. “maybe a group of Angry Bitter Hillary Supporters who are justifying themselves by the goal justifies the means….”

Flynn’s sentencing memo was heavily redacted to protect ongoing investigations — including one that appears to be previously unknown — but Mueller said he had been interviewed 19 times, and prosecutors would recommend no jail time due to his helpful testimony.

“Over the top In ethical behavior,” Giuliani wrote.

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