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Giuliani Just Got Blasted After Citing Wikipedia To Prove Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia

Donald Trump’s defenders have reached a new low. This week, Trump’s own attorney, Rudy Giuliani, tried to clear the president’s name by citing a Wikipedia page as a source proving that he did not collude with Russia.

Giuliani took to Twitter to make his claims. He tweeted saying:

“Since 2009 Steele has not been to Russia, or visited any former Soviet states and in 2012, an Orbis informant quoted an FSB-agent describing him as an ‘enemy of Mother Russia.’T he below excerpt from Wikipedia, if true, is another indication that the Steele Dossier about Russia is a phony work of political opposition research. Comey never bothered to check when Steele was last in Russia. So where was it written and who wrote it? We demand answers!”

Of course, people took notice of Giuliani’s tweet and decided to roast him for citing an unreliable page to prove Trump didn’t collude.

As many of you may know, Wikipedia is not the best source to get information as anyone can edit their entries at any time.

Here’s how Twitter reacted to Giuliani’s attempt at defending Trump:

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