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Giuliani Just Got Referred For Criminal Prosecution Over ‘Witness Tampering’

President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani may be in hot waters after Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, called for a criminal investigation into Giuliani for alleged witness tampering.

“Let me be very clear, the House of Representatives now has an obligation,” Davis, who is representing Trump’s former personal lawyer and “fixer,” said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Thursday.

“A resolution of censure when the president of the United States indisputably intimidates and obstructs justice to prevent a witness from testifying is an order. So is a federal criminal investigation of Rudy Giuliani for witness tampering.”

Davis said in a statement earlier this week that Cohen would postpone testimony before Congress because of “ongoing threats” his family has received from Trump and Giuliani.

“Due to ongoing threats against his family from President Trump and Mr. [Rudy] Giuliani, as recently as this weekend, as well as Mr. Cohen’s continued cooperation with ongoing investigations, by advice of counsel, Mr. Cohen’s appearance will be postponed to a later date,” Davis said, referring to testimony Cohen was prepared to give to the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Feb. 7.

Cohen said Trump directed him to commit the campaign finance violations.

The president, however, has repeatedly denounced Cohen, going so far as to call him a “rat.” He said earlier this month that Cohen was cooperating with investigators in order to get a reduced sentence.

Trump then went after Cohen’s family.

“Well, there is no information,” Trump said on Fox News. “But he should give information maybe on his father-in-law, because that’s the one that people want to look at.”

Giuliani on Sunday said that Trump was “defending” himself by targeting Cohen’s father-in-law, adding that “he may have ties to something called organized crime.”

Davis condemned the two on Thursday, saying that “calling out a man’s father-in-law and wife in order to intimidate the witness is not fair game.”

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House Judiciary Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) on Wednesday declined to comment on that possibility on Wednesday that Cohen would be subpoenaed.

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