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Giuliani Reportedly Kept a Log Book Of Everything He Did. Now Everyone In Trump’s Inner Circle Is On Edge


Giuliani Reportedly Kept a Log Book Of Everything He Did. Now Everyone In Trump’s Inner Circle Is On Edge

Everyone in President Donald Trump’s inner circle knows that Rudy Giuliani will be indicted. But the question now is not only how much damage the case against Rudy might do to Donald Trump, but how many more people the former New York Mayor will bring down with him. It turns out Rudy may have written it all down.

Last week, Trump’s longtime legal adviser Jay Goldberg appeared on the Ari Melber show on MSNBC on Thursday evening and said that “Rudy Giuliani likes to keep a log of the things that he’s doing” so he can show the progress to his clients. Goldberg went on to specify that he thinks there’s a log book out there when it comes to what Rudy was doing for Trump.

Make no mistake: once the SDNY gets word of what Goldberg just said about Rudy Giuliani’s log book of the “questionable activities” he was doing for Donald Trump, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’ll make every effort to obtain this log book —if it doesn’t have it already. The kicker is that Rudy is so far gone, the SDNY probably won’t have a hard time baiting him into blurting out where he keeps it hidden.

Amid these revelations, senior administration officials are worried that more information could surface connecting several Trump administration officials to Giuliani’s long list of “shadow activities” for financial gain.

According to Axios, several people close to the president are infuriated and paranoid and many are on edge.

“There’s this sense of paranoia here,” one administration official told Axios.

On Capitol Hill, those investigating Trump said they are still committed to keeping their investigation tightly focused on Ukraine in order to wrap up their impeachment inquiry as quickly and efficiently as possible.

However, that could change as more information about Giuliani emerges.

“I think Rudy has a lot to answer for,” said Democratic Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi, who sits on the House Oversight and Intelligence committees.

“We don’t know who he was working on behalf of at any given time — it’s not just President Trump.”

So far, Rudy has implicated the State Department, and the Justice Department, meaning that both mike Pompeo and William Barr could find themselves under the guillotine once Giuliani gets indicted.

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