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Giuliani Says He’s Quitting Trump’s Legal Team, Then Backpedals And Has Nervous Breakdown

On Thursday morning, Rudy Giuliani abruptly announced that he is planning to step down as President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, telling the conservative publication Washington Examiner that he hopes to depart as soon as he finishes “cleanup” from former special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Then this evening, Rudy changed his mind and couldn’t control himself.

Rudy Giuliani’s backpedaling came in the form of a tweet, in which he also attacked the investigators.

“I have no plan to cease personal representation of @realDonaldTrump. I was brought on to handle the Mueller investigation and I am still dealing with the possible crimes committed by the investigators,” he wrote, before adding: “I’m here until Pres. doesn’t need me or needs something else.”

Giuliani said he is also dealing with legal issues on Trump’s behalf with the U.S. attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York and with the New York attorney general’s office.

Giuliani’s nervous breakdown came hours after the release of a new voicemail sent out by John Dowd, Donald Trump’s attorney to Michael Flynn’s lawyers. The voicemail reveals a possible obstruction of justice, was released after Flynn announced that he’s firing his lawyer.

It was another bizarre day for Giuliani. But quitting and then changing his mind within the span of a few hours isn’t exactly shocking for the former New York Mayor. What does stand out is the timing. It’s interesting that Rudy announced he was quitting Trump’s legal team at the exact same time Dowd’s obstruction voicemail was being publicly released.

Is Rudy getting nervous about his own illegal antics in the name of trying to get Trump off the hook?

One clue would be the tweet that Rudy Giuliani posted shortly after he rescinded his resignation:

“Nancy Peolosi has lost it. She wants to see Donald Trump in prison. Mueller’s Angry Dems conducted a scorched earth investigation and couldn’t find a crime. There’s actual evidence Comey, McCabe, Stroyk, and the Bidens committed crimes. Prison for them?”

Yup, he misspelled Nancy Pelosi’s last name.

To be clear, there is no one named “Stroyk” – and Rudy has to be out of his mind to double down on his already-exposed phony Biden scandal.

Rudy is on another planet at this point. Then again, so is Trump.

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