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Giuliani Tweets Dangerous Claim About COVID-19 Cure, Twitter Deletes It


Giuliani Tweets Dangerous Claim About COVID-19 Cure, Twitter Deletes It

Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani emerged from his hideout to spread the president’s dangerous lies about a cure for COVID-19 in an effort to defend his client’s disastrous response to the virus and his constant attacks on governors demanding help from the federal government.

Meditate grabbed the tweet pictured above before it was deleted by Twitter because it violated the platform’s rules.

It’s bad enough for Rudy to spread false information – that could lead to panic and death – about the unproven and untested drug hydroxychloroquine that Fox News TV hosts have been hocking as a possible treatment. But to use a tweet by Charlie Kirk, who is using lies posted by Jim Hoft, just compounds the lunacy of it all.

Telling Americans that Michigan’s Gov. Whitmer is trying to kill people to hurt Trump, and using sicko Hoft as their source is insane.

Trump’s lying sycophants and lawyers are putting the lives of the American public and the medical professionals in jeopardy, while they’re trying to battle coronavirus pandemic.

Take a look at Giuliani’s tweet below:

This level of irresponsible conduct is nothing short than criminal. If there is no law against this one should be passed now.

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