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GM Worker Unloads On ‘Inhumane’ Trump For Causing Job Cuts

President Donald Trump’s trade war is forcing General Motors to close several plants and workers are fuming at the president, with some blaming him for the job cuts.

A woman who has spent the past 20 years working at the General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio, said in a recent interview that she blames Trump for the planned closure of GM’s sole assembly plant in the state.

In an interview published by Vox on Thursday, Nanette Senters, 55, told the publication that she was “shocked” by the automaker’s plans to close its facility in Ohio and accused the president of giving workers at the plant “false hope” at a rally in the state telling people he would “bring jobs back.”

“All of the president’s rhetoric has divided the workforce horribly,” Senters told Vox. “I was here when Trump had a rally here last summer. He said, don’t sell your house, do not worry about that. I am going to bring jobs back.”

Her criticism came days after GM announced that it would close up to four auto factories in the U.S. The auto company will discontinue the Cruze next year and has not assigned a new product to the plant, likely closing it.

“From day one, I could see what he was — the way he managed to give people false hope,” Senters said, referring to Trump. “A lot of people are still hoping he will save them now. It’s disturbing.”

She added that while there’s “a lot of blame to go around” over the automaker’s announcement, she puts a “lot of it on our president.”

“And so many of my co-workers, around half of them, are still pinning all their hopes on Trump” Senters said. “I hope I’m wrong. I hope he does do something about the thousands of jobs companies are still sending abroad. But he hasn’t done anything about Carrier, Honeywell, or Harley-Davidson,” she said.

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