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Google, Microsoft, And Other Top Tech Companies Defy Trump To Help Dreamers

On Wednesday, Alphabet Inc’s Google, Microsoft Corp., and other major tech companies decided to legally challenge Donald Trump in his decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

IBM Corp, which is one of the companies involved, said that a legal briefing on DACA was expected to be filed Wednesday afternoon.

“DACA’s rescission will inflict serious harm on U.S. companies, all workers, and the American economy as a whole,” the filing reads, according to a draft of the amicus brief provided by one of the companies.

Last week The Coalition for the American Dream was formed, which is a group calling for bipartisan legislation this year that would give illegal immigrants a path to permanent residency. The group includes Apple Inc, Google, Microsoft, Facebook Inc, Inc and others.

Democrats are also urging for a legislation to be passed to help Dreamers before the end of the year.

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