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GOP Aides Bash ‘Crazy Sh-t’ Trump: ‘It’s Hard To Be Worried About Impeachment When You Don’t Like The Guy’


Republican legislative aides anonymously spoke with New York Magazine’s Olivia Nuzzi on Monday and told her exactly how they really feel about Donald Trump. Spoiler: they don’t like the guy at all.

In the interviews held by Nuzzi, Republican officials admitted that they could care less if Trump was impeached. In fact, they admitted that it would be a relief as Trump has made their lives hell since becoming president.

“It’s hard to be worried when you don’t really like the guy,” one Republican Senate aide explained.

That same aide went on to say that Trump should have been impeached a long time ago for other things that could potentially warrant impeachment.

“This isn’t that much different than the other crazy shit he’s done in the last three years,” they explained. “Not to minimize the seriousness here, but what came out in the call transcript is not exactly shocking. If I were to describe Republicans one way, it would be weary. Weary and numb. It’s been a long three years for Republicans on the Hill. Not to say we’re the real victims.”

You can read the entire report HERE.

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